Silvia Hernandez
Look like a hole in the wall, but please go in don't be deceived this is great food at amazing prices, real Mexican food.
Clarissa Juarez
Excellent customer service and great food&micheladas ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿป
Great small atmosphere, excellent service,amazing food and prices!
Supa Shan
I was overly impressed with the waiters bilingual abilities in getting my somewhat Americanized girl order 100% correct by way of modification and or a little off the normal menu type item. It was It was absolutely delicious perfect to my order, and made extremely fast. This is a really small place with only a handful of tables maybe 9 or 10 and is very deceiving from the outside as to the wholesomeness and kindness going on inside. If anybody is in question or debating between here or maybe somewhere else I definitely recommend you give these nice people running this facility a chance to win you over as well. They were exceptionally courteous and very welcoming no matter what language you may or may not speak. It isn't always the case to feel so welcome in a food environment that is not of your native type. As judgmental as that may sound to some unfortunately it is the reality but not here! For everything mentioned I will definitely return and the prices were fantastic by the way.
Carl Fritzsche
The tortas ahogadas acรก tacos are super delicious. the place is small so you may need to wait awhile to get a table. And, possibly, wait even longer to get your order. However everything was worth the wait.